Every Day Practices for Keeping Bathrooms Spotless and Sparkling

maintaining bathroom

As one of the most used and abused rooms in any house, the bathroom can become dirty and cluttered in the blink of an eye. The task of cleaning the bathroom often seems monumental, which results in the average person putting it off longer and longer. This results in the task becoming even bigger, as the bathroom only gets dirtier with each passing day. How is it, then, that some people have bathrooms that seem clean and bright all the time? The trick is in the tasks they perform each and every day that keeps the bathroom from getting dirty in the first place. This article will present several tips that will help you to keep your bathroom spotless and sparkling all the time.

Tip 1

Prevent clutter

One of the reasons bathrooms can look messy is that they can be cluttered. This clutter may be too many things on a counter, or it can be dirty clothes on the floor. Either way, the first rule of thumb is to eliminate the clutter. Use a basket or hamper for dirty clothes. This will keep the floor looking neat and orderly. Use small baskets for loose items on the counter. This will help keep them looking neat, and will make it easier to clean the countertop by simply lifting one basket instead of a dozen small items.

Tip 2

Empty trash regularly

The trash can in a bathroom is usually open topped. This means that even at only half full, a bathroom trashcan can look messy. Thus, empty out the trash on a regular basis. You don’t need to replace the bag every time, so don’t worry about added waste or cost. Rather, if the trash is half full of dry products, dump the contents into a larger bin, such as the kitchen trash. This will keep the bathroom looking neat, without any unnecessary waste or expense.

Tip 3

Dry up any water immediately

Whilst water on the counter seems perfectly harmless, it will create spotting and stains if left unaddressed. One way to prevent this mess is to dry up any water immediately. By wiping the faucet and water taps you will keep the sink’s hardware shining and bright. Wiping out the sink after each use will also help to prevent unsightly water stains and other issues, such as mold and residue buildup. This holds true with the shower as well. Wiping the shower out after every use is a quick and easy way to prevent nasty residue and staining. Thus, a simple wipe after every use will go a long way to keeping your bathroom looking spiffy!


The main reason that cleaning the bathroom is such a chore is because so many things are allowed to get out of control. Following the three tips in this article will help keep things from getting out of hand, and thus, keep your bathroom clean and fresh each and every day.