The Different Uses of Duct Tape That Will Surprise You

Duct tape is durable and sticky, and a helpful tool around the house and shop. You may have a roll stuffed in a drawer or stashed in the garage, but this handy item is more than a workbench tool or prom dress fabric. Try using these more non-conventional duct tape ideas.

duct tape uses

Residue from Stickers

Super sticky duct tape not only adheres to surfaces, but it removes leftover remnants from other adhesive products. Use duct tape to remove adhesive left behind by glass stickers, like those huge new car stickers on the car window glass. Cover the leftover adhesive area with duct tape and rub with your hand several times. Peel away the duct tape and clean off the window with glass cleaner. It may take a couple of tries, but it works well.

Removing Warts

Warts, caused by a virus, are contagious and can spread fast. You can stop the spreading of warts and give healing a boost by covering the wart with duct tape. Change the tape every two days or as needed until the wart disappears.

Opening Stuck Jar Lids

Do you ever struggle with the occasional jar with a lid seal that’s so tight you can’t open it? Grab a 12-inch long duct tape piece and wrap one-quarter of the way around the lid. Securely fasten the tape to the lid and use the other end to pull and the lid should open. If you have a stubborn lid and the tape strip breaks, use multiple layers of duct tape for better strength.

Stop Bugs

Seal small holes in walls and around pipes with duct tape. Bugs move toward dark and humid areas, so they are drawn to the duct tape area where they get stuck. For flies, hang long duct tape loops from patio soffits or ceilings. Like commercial strips, flies and bugs get trapped when landing on the tape strip.

Animal Hair Removal

Loop duct tape, the adhesive on the outside, around the hand, creating a device for lifting dust and hair from furniture and clothing. Paint rollers also work as a hair removal devices when wrapping the duct tape around the sponge roller for a homemade lint brush roller.

Tidy Cords

Use duct tape to manage electronic cords around the house. With a single duct tape strip and a clever folding technique, the tape adhesive never touches your cords and unraveling them is easy.

Emergency Hole Patching

Nothing’s worse than small holes popping up when we least expect them. We all have those worrisome holes; our favorite sneakers, outdoor furniture webbing hole, or a tear in the hose on the vacuum cleaner. While it’s not a permanent fix, duct tape makes an emergency repair until fixing or replacing the piece.

Seal a Plastic Crack

Duct tape is a quick fix for holding cracked storage boxes or trash cans together, giving the item extra life before replacing. A single strip of tape holds together most plastic cracks to help seal out moisture and keep contents inside dry.