Tips on Beating the Heat Without Air Conditioning

warm home

With global weather going through crazy changes, different places are experiencing weather patterns outside the norm. This can mean some places are experiencing colder weather than normal, such as parts of Europe and Britain which have encountered snow and ice in a way completely uncharacteristic of the environment. Another issue faced by some areas is abnormal heat. One of the problems with heat over cold is that almost every place is equipped to handle colder temperatures, while some places are unprepared for hotter temps. Thus, places without air conditioning are having to battle hotter and hotter temperatures on a more regular basis. This article will present several tips on how to beat the heat, even if you don’t have air conditioning.

Tip 1 – Don’t leave windows open all day

One of the knee-jerk reactions to hot weather is to open windows to allow for better air flow. While this may seem logical on paper, in practice it can actually work against you. This is because the air you bring into the house can actually be hotter than the air already inside. Although the air is moving, this doesn’t mean it will have a cooling effect. Just ask your hair drier… Thus, keep windows open only when the external temperature is lower than the internal temperature. Close windows at the hottest parts of the day, and open them when the temperature drops. A good rule of thumb is to close them shortly after sunrise, and open them again just after sunset.

Tip 2 – Keep the curtains closed

The main source of heat during the summer is, of course, the sun. Yeah, like you didn’t know that. The problem is that the sun can heat a house just by coming through the windows, whether they are open or closed. This heat is known as ‘solar heat’, and it is the basis for what makes a greenhouse work. Thus, whenever you open your curtains on a bright, sunny day, you are essentially turning your house into a greenhouse. To keep the internal temperature down, keep your curtains closed during the brightest part of the day. Open east facing curtains after noon, and be sure to keep west facing curtains closed between noon and sunset.

Tip 3 – Use seasonal curtains

Light, flowing drapes are wonderful on a nice, cool spring day, but they can in fact be detrimental during the summer. The fact that they will let in all the sun’s light means that they will also let in all the sun’s heat. Thus, to keep your rooms cool in the hottest of summer days, hang heavy, dark curtains that keep the light out. This will all but eliminate the solar heat, which is the number one source of hot internal temperatures all year round.

In summary

Following these three simple tips will help you to minimize the heat in your house without the need of air conditioning or even fans. Reducing solar heat will go a long way to making your home not just comfortable, but also more energy efficient.