4 Tips on Using Coconut Oil to Clean Everyday Items

coconut oil

In my opinion, there are few things better in life than a good, comfy chair. Leather chairs are considered the best by many, as they mix comfort and luxury. The thing with leather is that it can become dull and dry if not properly maintained. This article will show how using coconut oil can restore any leather chair, as well as other household items, to their natural shine and strength.

Tip 1 – Treating leather furniture

Coconut oil, when used on a regular basis, will not only keep your prized leather chair from drying and cracking, but it will help to maintain a luster that will brighten the rest of the room. Simply apply a small amount of oil with a cloth or a sponge, rubbing it in gently in circular motions. This will not only improve the look of your chair, but it will extend the life of it too.

Tip 2 – Treating leather accessories

Not only is coconut oil your leather chair’s best friend, but it can be the best friend of any leather coat, bag or shoes you have as well. Applying coconut oil to a leather bag, by rubbing in small amounts with a soft cloth, will restore it to looking like new. The same goes for leather shoes and jackets, which can get dull and worn with regular use. Coconut oil will also keep the leather from drying out and cracking, thus extending the life of your favorite leather accessories significantly.

Tip 3 – Polishing wood surfaces

Another surface that can get dry and dull is wood. A natural magnet for dust, wood can lose its natural luster quickly if not properly cared for. Applying coconut oil to any wooden surface will help to restore the lost luster, and keep your wood looking bright and alive. Simply apply coconut oil the same way you would apply any other wood treatment, such as lemon oil or furniture polish. Dust the surface first, then apply the oil with a soft cloth, gently rubbing it into the surface using circular motions. Not only will the coconut oil give your wood a renewed shine, but it will protect any wooden surface, extending its look and life for years to come.

Tip 4 – Maintaining other wooden objects

Wooden spoons, utensils and even lamp bases also need to be treated to prevent from drying out and cracking. Applying a small amount of coconut oil to your wooden accessories will bring them back to life, restoring their natural luster and suppleness. Rub a small amount of oil into any wooden item using a soft cloth, being sure to leave no residue. This is a quick and cheap way to ensure you get the most from your wooden items.

Coconut oil is a cheap and easy to find item that is a plus for anyone with wood or leather objects that will need to be properly cared for. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also safe, as it is all natural with no added chemicals. A definite must for anyone who is looking for a natural solution to their cleaning needs.